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Mental Health
Support for Expats

English speaking and accessible social-emotional support, away from home

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A warm and receptive space to help you process life transitions

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A local guidance to help you integrate and create a new, meaningful life

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English speaking and flexible service from wherever you feel most comfortable

Counseling Services

  • General mental health support for  expatriate young people away from home

  • Managing difficult emotions related to transitions and changes 

  • Guidance to setting down new roots while holding on to personal values

  • Support with integrating and forming new connections

Why work with me?


Years of specialised work within an international school community, supporting expat families through transitions and new beginnings


Personal experience living as an expat for 7 years and understanding the unique challenges living away from home

Culturally Sensitive

Specialised training and experience of working with a diversity of clients from countless nationalities, as well as refugees who have fled war-torn countries

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Welcome, thank you for finding me. In an initial 15 minute consultation, we can find out whether I can help you. An initial consultation is free of charge. I look forward to meeting you!

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