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Schools & Parents

A helping hand to the adults in young people’s lives

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Bridging communication between adolescent, parents, caregivers, and school staff

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A coach that helps teachers to support students with mental health in classrooms

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A flexible, high quality service a school can use and refer families to

Steve C., Head of Boarding School

"Carolina has delivered bespoke training and staff CPD to my boarding staff on a range of topics from adolescent brain development and how trauma impacts learning and growth, to providing specific guidance sessions on ADHD and other neurodivrsity learning needs. Carolina has a depth of knowledge and experience but is able to deliver with clarity and authority but in a way which makes the subject matter easy to understand”


  • Supporting secondary students with mental health challenges (e.g. performance anxiety, friendship difficulties, organisation & time management)

  • Counseling & coaching students to target barriers for academic achievement

  • Guiding teachers on supporting students with mental health challenges in the classroom 

  • Bridging communication between students, teachers and their caregivers 

  • Leading mental health workshops for schools 

Why work with me?



Employment in 3 different schools has shaped a thorough understanding of challenges young people, their parents and their teachers face in this environment



Years of experience in administering high quality psychoeducational assessments has resulted in understanding of diverse learning profiles 

Institutional Knowledge


Expertise due to work as part of a Student Support Team and delivering parent and teacher mental health workshops in schools & boarding schools 



Welcome, thank you for finding me. In an initial 15 minute consultation, we can find out whether I can help you. An initial consultation is free of charge. I look forward to meeting you!

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